Thursday, December 26, 2013

Exploring Merloquet Falls in Zamboanga City

I thought I've seen enough waterfalls this year, I'm happy that I capped it off by seeing the beautiful Merloquet Falls, located in Brgy. Sibulao at Vitali, Zamboanga City. I'm super thrilled! :D

See how captivating it is?

We were tired from our last trip at the Pink Beach, so we woke up a bit late and started our day an hour close to lunchtime. We went to the tourism office again at the Paseo del Mar to ask for a guide on how to go to Merloquet Falls. You see, going there is quite far, you need to take a bus for an hour and trek for about 15-30 minutes depending on your pace. The bus ride is about an hour so they suggested that we should've left early. However, we still pushed through and from the tourism office, we walked back downtown and rode a jeepney going to the bus station.

Buses going to Pagadian (photo by ezzydangerous)

To get to the Merloquet Falls, you must ride a bus going to Pagadian and alight Brgy. Vitali, which is marked by a small shrine accross a PNP station. When we got there, we registered our names first and unlike Santa Cruz Island, this place doesn't need an armed escort to guide you around. It's safe, the locals there will be the ones who will guide and take you to the falls.

After registering, we took a habal-habal going to the dropoff area where the trek is gonna start. My first habal-habal experience happened in Bacolod when we went to Mambukal Resort. I knew this was no different from that so I already expected the thrilling speed of our rider's motorcycle through bumpy roads and all. We haggled for the price of a roundtrip fare and settled with 50 per head/one way. It took us about 15 minutes to reach the dropoff and upon seeing the muddy trail and knowing how wobbly my knees are when it comes to trekking in mud, I knew I'd be walking barefoot to get through this trail.

The muddy trek starts here. (photo by ezzydangerous)

That's Anne, Neil and I walking on mud LOL (photo by ezzydangerous)

It was raining slightly when we got there so that's the cause of all of this mud. (photo by jepepips)

What are you doing there? (photo by ezzydangerous)

Anne and I walked barefoot, while the others just carried on with their trusty slippers, Jep seemed prepared coz he brought his trekking shoes. After the muddy trail, you need to go down 300 steps to get to the falls. It's pretty easy now at this point then on the last step, I could already hear and see the beauty that's gonna unravel before me.

The beautiful Merloquet Falls in Sibulao, Zamboanga City.

We had the place again for ourselves because we were the only people there. There is an entrance fee of 10 pesos and there are also cottages and grilling stations if you wanna cook something. Camping/staying overnight is allowed in the cottages too. The area is clean and well maintained by the locals there.

Team Zamboanga at Merloquet Falls!

There's just something about waterfalls that really catches my interest. I've seen many this year and I always feel relieved and happy at the same time when I finally get to dip into that cold water and feel the gush of water. You see, some waterfalls are not too accessible, compared to going to a beach. (well, for the ones I saw at least) I have to endure trekking and climb up/down big boulders of rocks and if I may add the possibility of falling/slipping/weakness my knees while doing so. So when I see one, I feel like, all the pain are so worth it. I began to humbly appreciate the hardship I went through just to see a hidden beauty.  

My love for waterfalls has just deepened when I saw the place and I was amazed at that rock formation that made the water seemed like a white curtain flowing on a laddered wall of rocks. I stared at that rock wall in front of me and marveled at how nature could carve such a beauty. It's such a beautiful sight to see.

The shallow stream beneath the falls is great for a quick dip if you want to rest your feet after enduring a muddy trek and descending from that flight of stairs. Or, better yet, pretend to float like what Jay and Je did. What a bunch of happy kids.

Someone just can't get enough of Merloquet Falls.

Big falls. Tiny me.

When I went up the falls I stayed on this flat rockbed and enjoyed the strong gush of water above me. That's another thing I love about it, you get a back massage!

Hydrotherapy, yeah!

Jay, Je and Anne went up on top of the waterfalls while Jep, Neil and I stayed behind. To get there, you need to go up that wall, guided by a thick rope as you make your way to the top. It's steep and the rain just made the rocks too slippery to walk on. I'm too weak to take an assault by now so I'd rather pass and enjoy the scene.

Hello Merloquet Falls, were on top of ya!

We took our late lunch there and just stayed for an hour before going home. We left at around 4PM, and the rider (who became the tour guide lol) told us that the steps counts up to 300 and the construction of the paved road above is on going for the convenience of tourists going to the falls.

I was also feeling lucky that day because I saw a beautiful sunset while on the bus way home. Thanks to @jepepips for the photo.

Ohhh so pretty!

I feel so happy that I was able to see Zamboanga's treasured Merloquet Falls this year. It's beautiful. It's enchanting and it's special because I get to see it with my friends who also share the same passion for traveling like I do. :) Zamboanga City has suffered enough negativity from all that war and chaos it went through, but knowing the beauty the place brings would be enough for the curious to still explore and take an adventure just like what we did. :)


  1. Aww.. wish I was there. :)

    BTW, love your blog template, can I steal it? lol

    Looking forward to traveling with you guys again. ;)

    1. Yeah, it's super beautiful! You should explore this treasure soon! :D

  2. I love waterfalls! <3 This is also on my bucket-list together with Tinuy-an falls.. Never been to Mindanao :( I saw this shot tagged to Gene & Samay :p

    1. Hi there! You should go explore Mindanao soon, lots of beautiful places to go to! I'll be back with Samay on December, want to tag along? ^_^

  3. That was such a beauty! What just makes ZAM scary to visit until now is the stigma of post-bombing news and security that ravage the city. I hope Zamboanga recovers soon.